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Blue Island Tower Screen

Iconic Screens in China

LocationBeijing Central Business District, Beijing
Screen size31.6m(W) x 12.7m(H)= 402m2
Screening time7.00 — 23.00
Daily Reach2,200,000

Located on the northeastern wall of the Blue Island Building. Prominent location with significant regional influence. The screen covers the surrounding Chaoyangmen business district, Chaowai business district, the new CBD, the Embassy business district, Sanlitun business district. There are also a number of high-end office buildings and shopping malls nearby including Kuntai Buildin, Jinqi Building, Baifu Intl’ Building, Beijing Dongfang Gongxiao Building, SOHO Shangdu Office Building, Chaowai SOHO, Guanghua Rd SOHO, Fulllink Plaza, World City and Fortune Shopping Centre etc. providing coverage of affluent audience.

In line with sight direction. Long visual time and wide visual angle provide strong visual impact.

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