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Metro-City Screen

Mega Screens in China

LocationXujiahui CBD, Shanghai
Screen size20m radius
Screening time18.00 — 23.00
Daily Reach1,000,000

Located in the southwestern part of Shanghai, Xujiahui CBD is one of the four major shopping and business central districts in Shanghai with a proliferation of high-end shopping centers and department stores. Oriental Buisness Tower, Metro-City, and Pacific Department Store where the three LED screens located are the iconic buildings in Xujiahui known to locals for a long time.
Being the only screen with spectacular shape in China, Metro-City screen has delivered a massive number of creative campaigns for most of world’s well known international brands.

The screen sits in the intersection of Hong Qiao Lu, Hua Shan Lu and Zhaojiabang Lu where there are extremely high traffic numbers passing through this core transportation hub to get around the city every day. There are four wide pedestrian crossings in the intersection where the three screens are visible to a huge pedestrian footfall.

We have iconic screens in all the world's major cities and have the largest out-of-home network in China, providing national coverage in prime and iconic locations with maximum visibility and huge footfall.