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Shenzhen Fortune Building Screen

Mega Screens in China

LocationFutian District, Shenzhen
Screen size3 parts: 50m(W) x 6.5m(H) = 325m2 ;14m(W) x 6.5m(H) = 91m2 ;44m(W) x 6.5m(H) = 286m2
Screening time8.00 — 23.00
Daily Reach1,357,143

Fortune Building is located at the intersection of Jintian Road and Fuhua Third Road in the heart of Futian CBD. It is in close proximity to the world's top five-star hotels, luxury brand flagship stores, and some of the most premium office buildings. The nearly 800-square-metre LED display is the most intrinsically valuable advertising screen in Shenzhen.

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