Redhot media international(China)Limited

Super Brand Mall Screen

Digital Screen in China

LocationLujiazui Financial District, Shanghai
Screen size7.5m(W) x 19.3m(H) * 2 = 290m2
Screening time9.00 — 23.00
Daily Reach1,555,000

The screen sits above the entrance of Super Brand Mall facing an extremely busy roundabout and a pedestrian footbridge connecting the Lujiazui Underground station and the main Lujiazui Business District. The high up position of the screens provides effective vehicular and pedestrian coverage of financial elites and consumers with high buying power.
Lujiazui CBD is the most prestigious business districts in the whole country with over 504 domestic and overseas financial and insurance corporation headquarters. The entire financial and trade zone covers an area of 28 square kilometers with a 6.8-square-kilometer planning and development area containing more than 100 buildings and skyscrapers.
The two screens deliver synced content and are in close proximity to some of the most iconic buildings including Oriental Pearl Tower, Jinmao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Centre.

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