Redhot media international(China)Limited

Westgate Mall Screen

LED screen advertising in China

LocationNanjing Road CBD, Shanghai
Screen size12.48m(W) x 19.2m(H) = 240m2
Screening time9.00 — 21.30
Daily Reach1,292,000

Meilongzhen screen sits at a four-car-lane T-junction with three pedestrian crossings in front of the building.
Nanjing Road (Nanjing West Road and Nanjing East Road) is known as “the first commercial road in China”. Nanjing West Road is the west part of Nanjing Road across Huangpu and Jing’an Districts. Nanjing West Road has become the most upscale and highend shopping spot in Shanghai with the “Golden Triangle” formed by Hang Lung Plaza, CITIC Pacific and Meilongzhen Plaza; and the "Golden Five Stars" formed by Wheelock Plaza, Yueyang Square, Kerry II, 1788 Square and Jiuguang Dept. Store. It houses over 1,200 well known brands and over 750 international brands.

We have iconic screens in all the world's major cities and have the largest out-of-home network in China, providing national coverage in prime and iconic locations with maximum visibility and huge footfall.