Redhot media international(China)Limited

White Magnolia Plaza Screen

Digital Screen in China

LocationThe BUND, Shanghai
Screen size2 x screens total 23,100 m2
Screening time17.30 — 22.30
Daily Reach826,000

Full motion, LED Screen
The total size for the 2 sides of screens is 23,100 Square Metres. (As a size reference, Piccadilly Light screen in London is 783.5m2. This screen is close to 30 times bigger than Piccadilly Light.)
The screen is the largest full-motion screen in Shanghai.
The screen is located on the outside walls of White Magnolia Plaza, west of Huangpu River. White Magnolia Plaza is the highest building in the west side of Huangpu River at a height of 319.5 meters. The screens are highly visible to audiences on both sides (EAST & WEST) of the Huangpu River thanks to the unique location and angle of the building.
The Bund, WEST of Huangpu River, receives average 1M people per day during off-peak seasons and could reach 2M footfall during peak holiday seasons. Lujiazui Financial Business District, EAST of Huangpu River, with its magnificent neoclassical façade, has stood in Shanghai since the early 20th century. The location is a must-go attraction to people around the world travelling to Shanghai. Tourists going up to the World Finance Centre and Shanghai Tower will not miss this highly visible screen.

Situated in the heart of vibrant and densely-packed business districts, mega screens and physical activations are major attractions. Colossal in scale, screens & projections draw attention and act as platforms for interactive experiences on social media.